About the team:


Background: Went to  Kwantlen University for Computer Information Systems. Started working with Mike Morin in 2014 reviewing audio from his group. Worked with Mike Morin in 2015 as audio and case manager. 2016 Mike and I came up with the idea to branch out and create our own group and potential show. Co-founder of Haunted, Case Manager and Audio Tech

About myself: I live in Edmonton Alberta with my wife and 2 kids, and even though I am a part

of haunted, I don’t like scary movies.

Why am I doing this: I am doing this, because honestly death terrifies me. The thought of hearing or seeing something or someone that has passed on and proving its existence fascinates me. 

Favorite Haunted Location: The Baillie House in Merritt BC

Background: I have been in tune with spirit all my life, and have worked with other paranormal teams over the years. Mother of 3 and married my best friend..


About myself: I am a Psychic Intuitive & empath - working thru Clairsentience. Love scary movies and books


Why am I doing this: I am doing this because I want to help pass on any messages the deceased may have and help to bring closure to families and loved ones


Favorite Haunted Location: My house! Cuz it is filled with the people I love that have passed on


Background: Went to university for business, and am currently in Accounts Management

About myself: I have an open mind, and am always in search of the truth. I enjoy looking for the unexplained like ghosts, sasquatch....I have worked with other paranormal teams as well through the years

Why am I doing this: I always lean on the skeptical side, but i have seen and heard enough things I can't explain

Favorite Haunted Location: Residential home in Mission



Background: Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Mike has been involved in the paranormal field for well over a decade

About myself: As a child Mike had several encounters with ghostly apparitions/spirits. This sparked his interest in the theory of life after death. Mike enjoys investigating and looking for solid, scientific, spiritual, and authentic evidence of spirit activity.

Why am I doing this: As co- founder of The Haunted Crew of Canada, Mike uses his investigative background as lead investigator/location director/researcher for the Haunted Crew working hard obtaining evidence, answers, history and the “why” to each haunting. Mike has a unique draw to historical locations and has obtained some great relationships within British Columbia heritage sites (soon to be expanded to include other Canadian provinces and the US).

Favorite Haunted Location: Aside from actively investigating with the Haunted Crew, Mike has attended, and been involved with paranormal conferences in British Columbia and Washington State. Mikes favorite locations to investigate are Cottonwood Road House and Barkerville Historic site


The ability to see images, colors, visuals or scenes like watching a movie in your mind's eye.


The ability to sense Spirit energetically thru touch, feeling, or temperature change.


The ability to smell scents or aromas from Spirit


The ability to taste substances such as food or drink from Spirit


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