To the LEFT: This is a great shot of the theatre seating and the control booth in behind. The booth has been reported to have a shadow figure seen by the staff when there is no one else in the theatre.
We had some of the props "appear" in the rows of seating during our investigation, and they were not there when we started.
BELOW: This is all the people that came out for the Public Investigation. It was a great fundraiser for the theatre, and we had a lot of fun sharing in a paranormal investigation experience.

We had a wonderful time here. The staff are amazing!

We did a Public Investigation before we did our lock down. It was a very successful fundraiser, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with the Staff of Langham Court Theatre and it's community!

In the picture to the LEFT - Blair upstairs in the costume room getting ready for an EVP and pendulum session. K2 hits were constant. Lots of activity in that room!

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